Mazar-i-Sharif (Balkh) Cricket Ground

Mazar-i-Sharif is the third-largest city of Afghanistan with a population of 693,000. It is the capital of Balkh province and is linked by highways with Kunduz in the east, Kabul in the southeast, Herat in the west and Uzbekistan in the north

Governor of Balkh Atta Muhammad Noor donated 10 Acre land in Mutahid Town to Afghanistan Cricket Board for the construction of cricket ground in the mention province.

In early 2014 the implementer of USAID projects MERCY CORPS worked on the construction of the ground and build one story pavilion of two dressing rooms and one umpire and match referee room with attached washrooms. Alongside that they worked on the leveling and greenery of the outfield. Since then the ground was used for domestic grade two and club& School level tournaments.


In mid-2016, ACB Development Department submitted a proposal of 1 Million grant to Ministry of Economy for further construction of the ground.

The proposal has been approved by the Ministry of Economy and they have sent it to the Indian Embassy, Kabul and after their approval which might come in two months, the project will be set for bidding and after the procurement process, the construction of the ground will actually start.


The project will include:


  1. Four stories pavilion which has:
  • Two teams dressing rooms and one room for umpires with attached washrooms.
  • Physio rooms for each team.
  • Kitchen for each team.
  • Ground staff rooms.
  • Rooms for Accommodation.
  1. Ground outfield which has:
  • 70 meter round boundaries.
  • 3 playing wickets.
  • Outfield leveling & Greenery
  • Manual water supply & Irrigation system.
  • Outfield surrounding fence.
  1. Outdoor Academy.