Kunduz (Qahwa Khan) Cricket Ground

Kunduz, The native place of great all-rounder Mirwais Ashraf and the capital of Amo region, Kunduz is located in the northern part of the country next to Tajikistan.


The initial construction was done in 2014 which included ground surrounding wall, outfield leveling and outdoor academy.

With the growth and development of cricket in the province ACB designed a project for further development of the ground, which was awarded to Faizi Mujadidi Construction Company in July 2016 with total estimated cost of (15848850) AFN and till date 35% of the project has been completed.


The ground which is constructed on 12.5 acre land includes the following:

  1. One story pavilion which includes:
  • Two dressing rooms with attached washrooms.
  • Umpires and match referee room.
  • One kitchen with two dining halls.
  • Physio room.
  1. Outfield:
  • 80 meter boundary.
  • 5 playing wickets
  • Outfield surrounding fence.

· Manual water supply& Irrigation system.

Future Plan:


  1. Construction of pavilion second floor.
  2. Facilitation of the ground with equipments.