Kunar Cricket Ground

Kunar cricket ground is located in Asad Abad city of the northern east province Kunar. The construction of the ground was funded by the Asian Cricket Council and the total estimated cost of the project was $100,000.

The first phase of the project was completed in late 2015, which included pavilion, surrounding wall, outfield leveling, water supply system, outfield surrounding fence, water tank and bore well.

Currently the ground outfield greenery work is in progress and the ground will be available for domestic matches in March 2017.


The ground has the following:

  1. One story pavilion which includes:
  • Dressing rooms for two teams with separate washrooms for each dressing room.
  • Kitchen
  • Umpires and match referee room.
  1. Ground outfield which includes:
  • 55-65 meters round boundaries.
  • 3 playing wickets.
  • Outfield surrounding fence.
  • Manual water supply and irrigation system.
  1. Audience stand: a small stand with the capacity of approximately 1000 spectators.
  2. Outdoor Academy.

Future Plan:

  1. Construction of New Outdoor Academy.
  2. Facilitation of pavilion with equipments.